Mark And Sarah Talk About Songs

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Hey, folks! Just a reminder: we have Mark And Sarah Talk About Songs t-shirts!

Would you like one? Fantastic! Click that link up above to have a look. (For some reason I can't upload a photo directly into this post. Annoying! Sorry about that.)

What you need to know:

  1. The shirts are UNISEX Gildan 100 percent cotton, but they act kind of like a poly blend. They run a bit big/long; your five-foot-ten, generously bosomed co-host Sarah wears an M. (Our fit model, Dan, is also wearing an M.) If you have questions about fit or want to talk it through, email Sarah, bunting at tomatonation dot com.

  2. We have LIMITED SIZES* available; first come is first served. If I'm out of your size by the time I get your money, I can either refund it, or you can specify a second-choice size and I'll send that instead.

By that, I mean: we have a full RANGE of sizes, but some of them, we're down to one or two. If you're thinking you take an S, for instance, you should have a back-up size in mind.

  1. The cost is as follows: $15 for U.S. addresses, $20 for international. This covers the cost of the shirt, the envelope, and the postage. No tax, no hidden fees. Ordering two shirts? Just double that price.

  2. To order a shirt, PayPal Sarah (bunting at tomatonation dot com) OR Venmo (sarahdbunting) with YOUR NAME, YOUR SIZE, YOUR FULL MAILING ADDRESS, and instructions on what to do if we've run out of your size (see #2).